Bouldering in Fointainebleau.
Jacky Godoffe


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If you don’t know Fontainebleau and you’re about to discover this magic place, you’ll understand from the very first pages of this guidbook why its sandstone boulders are the most famous in the world of climbing. If you already know this forest, the guidebook will provide detailed topos, descriptions, GPS information, clear pictures and sketches which will help you to choose your next goals – just giving a glance at the pages.

The sectors reviewed in this volume are:

Isatis – Cuvier – Cuisinière – Apremont – Salamandre – Rocher Canon – Rocher d’Avon – Gorges du Houx – Rocher Cassepot – Rocher du Calvaire – Rocher de Bouligny – Rocher Saint Germain – Rocher des Demoiselles – Mont Ussy – Roche Hercule.

Year: 2010
ISBN: 978-88-87890-65-5
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