Bouldering in Valchiavenna, Val Malenco, Bassa and Alta Valle
Alberto Milani


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Bouldering in Valchiavenna, Val Malenco, Bassa and Alta Valle

The idea for this guidebook comes from the wish to promote the so called “minor” areas of Valtellina and Val Chiavenna, often neglected due to the great popularity of Val Masino. It’s aim is to offer a valid alternative to climbers interested in new experiences. The areas listed are often scattered around the upper Val Chiavenna area up to Bormio and Val di Dentro, including the thriving Val Malenco and Val Gerola, excluding Val Masino and Val di Mello, with the addition of a thorough collection of all the small areas, often only known exclusively to the local climbers.

One of the best things about Valtellina and its territory is the great variety of its rock, granite, serpentine, verrucano and limestone, as well as the beauty of the areas in which the boulders lie, often immersed in multicoloured broadleaved cool woods up to over 2000 metres of altitude. The best periods for bouldering often coincide with autumn and winter, except for the Upper Valtellina area and the rifugio Zoia possible to visit even during summer due to its high altitude.

Alberto Milani, fell in love with climbing in his early teens, dedicating his time to bouldering since the beginning of the 90’s exploring and improving numerous new areas. He has tried to experience climbing both as a sporting activity as well as the continuous search for his psychophysical limits in communion with nature, according to an approach which is very close to the philosophy of yoga. As well as his outdoor activities, since 2003 he has competed in important competitions nationally obtaining excellent placements for many years. Since 2009 he has retired from competitions to return exclusively to climbing outdoors as an interior search, fully aware and free from material results, experienced as a chance to personally and deeply grow.

Year: 2020
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