Five long treks between Santa Maria Navarrese and Cala Luna
Luigi Tassi


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The coastal rock band of Supramonte di Baunèi is a wild and rugged area where nature is still the undisputed master of the territory. There are no natural sources of fresh water, the paths described in this guide book are almost all missing signposts, and they follow ancient pastoral sheep trails and mule tracks which the coalmen used to carry coal towards the very few ports along the coast.

The five long treks described, which run across the territory between Santa Maria Navarrese and Cala Luna, all have different characteristics: from the “simple” walk which lasts a few days with overnight stays in organized structures, to the more difficult itinerary which for six days leaves no room for improvisations: vie ferrate, climbing, exposed ledges, arduous paths covered in vegetation, the caves which will leave an unforgettable memory. In this volume all aspects of safety are dealt with, guiding the reader into the organization of his/her adventure: the bivouac points are described in detail, the escape routes, the bays for the collection of supplies, and emergency recovery points which can be found along the itinerary, the points along the path where telephone reception is better.

The critical areas have been indicated with precision, as well as the climbing sections which require mountaineering progression and the many abseils required which are never missing in the more difficult treks. Every stage for each trek is introduced highlighting: minimum and maximum altitude, both the positive and negative vertical height gain, the terrain and its conformation which varies with each path, from the ones easily found to the famous “Campi solcati” rutted fields of Baunei. The work is completed with the GPX tracks to help us in moments of difficulty when venturing on treks which are among the most beautiful and difficult of Europe.

Luigi Tassi, born in 1966 starts taking photographs very early and developed his film at home in black and white. Throughout the years his passion has never decreased becoming gradually his full time job which he combines with the mountains which he has always frequented. He is Environmental Excursionist guide (registered with the Italian AIGAE), he has experience in alpinism and climbing but trekking is his great passion; A profound knowledge of the Gran Sasso and the wild valleys which surround it and for years has been his second home. Three years ago with his Mountain Guide friend he trekked Selvaggio Blu for the first time and it was “Love at first step”. This is how the idea of the complete guide book was born, a guide which includes the most beautiful lines of Supramonte di Baunei.

Year: 2020
ISBN: 9788885475625
Pages: 208
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