Normal Routes in the National Park of Dolomiti Bellunesi.
Vittorino Mason


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The author took seven years to compile this guidebook as tribute to the National Park of Dolomiti Bellunesi, his “home away from home”. There, you could find a true and unique wilderness, featuring routes and hard treks, for the satisfaction of those who love exploration and adventure, roaming faint trails, home of the chamois, marked by sparse cairns. This guidebook is the outcome of an endless exploration and reconnaissance trips on the normal routes leading to the summits of the mountains of the Park – and the nearby peaks. The overall climbing grade might not seem so hard, yet the height gain is often in the range of thousands metres, and the approach routes are usually demanding. This guidebook aims at promoting the extraordinary wilderness of the Park. Adventure – with a capital “A” – is to be found here!

About the Author

Vittorino Mason was born in Loreggia (PD) in 1962. He lives in Castelfranco Veneto, where he works in cultural sectore, promoting events and festival such as “La voce dei Monti”, which he had founded, and collaborating with specialized magazines. He’s a coordinator of the naturalistic association “Le Tracce”, he’s a member of Mountain Wilderness and of the group GISM, gathering the Italian Mountain Writers. His passion for mountains, their people and their nature drove him to travel around the world, devoting himself as well to photography. He authored two poem collections, winning twice (in 1986 and 1989) the literary prize “Il ponte della bontà”, held in Treviso. In 2000 he won the second prize at the fiction festival “Carlo Mauri”, and he keeps publishing fiction, essays and travelogues.

Year: 2008
ISBN: 978-88-87890-68-6
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