SKIALP tra Majella e Parco Nazionale Abruzzo-Lazio-Molise

Appennino ripido ed esplorativo vol.2
Cristiano Iurisci, Fabrizio De Angelis e Rinaldo Le Donne


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SKIALP tra Majella e Parco Nazionale Abruzzo-Lazio-Molise

Sirente, Majella, Morrone, Marsicani, Petroso, Monti della Meta, Genzana, Greco e Matese

The Apennines have a charm which the Alps lack, that of discovery: small mountains, which with their gentleness hide even some difficult itineraries, spaces offering vast views which manage to continuously amaze us for their incredible natural and anthropic variety. STEEP AND EXPLORATIVE APENNINES is a project developed over a number of volumes with the aim to incite and relive, devise and try out new solutions: there will always be room for fantasy and creativity.

In this second book we describe 133 itineraries on the peaks and mountains of the Central Apennines which rise up to the south of the Aterno-Pescara river. The first part of the guide book is dedicated to nivo-meteorological notes such as in vol.1, with a summarized form. The first of the 8 chapters describes the Sirente chain, with 20-21 itineraries of which 17 are on steep terrain. A chapter on Majella follows, the mother mountain, with the description of 43 itineraries, some are spectacular, which unwind across its deep canyons. In the third chapter Morrone is described with its splendid small canyons. In the central chapters it is the turn of the Monti Marsicani, with 38 varied itineraries which are never extreme. Finally we give space to the Monti della Meta-Mainarde, the most Mediterranean summits of the Abruzzo Park, and 5 itineraries of the Matese, the most southern massif of the Central Apennines, a mountain which deserves to be discovered. All proposals are of an explorative kind, with many link ups and variants on these small and marvellous mountains lying between two seas.

Cristiano Iurisci lived until 17 in San Vito Chietino, small village on the Adriatic coast. His aunt was an abbess in a cloistery located on the slopes of Gran Sasso, at an elevation of 800 mt; he spent there his childhood and teenage summers, splendidly isolated, and having the opportunity of living the mountain environment at its best, following seasonal cadences and the monastry rules. His passion arose also from those experiences, and in 25 years of activity with crampons, ice axes, bolts, ropes and skis he explored, climbed and descended all the main ridges, walls, peaks, couloirs of Central Apennines.

Fabrizio De Angelis dubs himself nor an hillibilly, nor a mountaineer: he’s just not sure! He rather thinks of himself as an explorer, driven mainly by cultural curiosity to search for new experiences. This also spurred him to practice many sports: starting from mountaineering to sport climbing, kayaking, ski-mountaineering, all over Europe. He deems that mountain exploration cannot be severed from a thorough knowledge of culture, landscape, environment and ethnography.

Rinaldo Le Donne born in Rivisondoli, manages the B&B “Masseria Cerasella” in Pescocostanzo, together with his wife. He deals with tourism and every side of mountain activities, being a Mountain Guide and a Mountain Biking Guide. He spends winter in his beloved element, snow, collaborating with an association that organizes winter sport events. His true passion during the winter his ski-mountaineering.

Year: 2021
ISBN: 978885547 0650
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