141 routes in the National Park of High Tauern, Carinthia
Robert Zink, Stefan Lieb-Lind e Hannes Haberl


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141 routes in the National Park of High Tauern, Carinthia

A few introductory remarks

Ski-mountaineering is so cool! We guess you agree, otherwise you wouldn’t be interested in this guidebook. Ski-mountaineering is a multi-faceted activity: every side has its own specific raison d’être, whether it implies just ascending a track wearing ski-skins or descending the steep slopes of Großer Hornkopf – it doesn’t matter. Some factors have a different weight, be it risk or accessibility, yet those who love this sport are spurred by the same passion.

This guidebook aims at satisfying any kind of desire,varying from the easiest escapades for those who prefer plaisirroutes over strenuous ascents to the most demanding proposals, suitable for the experts skierswho love diving into the powder of the steepest slopes. You’ll find short routes and long, wearing odysseys; classic and well-known itineraries and almost-unknown terrain waiting to be explored. We have tried to offer a balanced selection, an interesting trove suitable for any taste. The southern sector of High Tauern is a perfect mix: this is why we love it so much.

Anyway, the wide difficulty range and the sheer duration of some routesrequire an excellent self-assessment and a careful evaluation of snow conditions, including avalanche risk. We have rated the descent and mountaineering difficulty according to the most up-to-date and authoritative international scale. Those who are not acquainted with these concept can get the basics reading the first pages of the introduction. As instance, a route graded 3.1 (descent) and PD (mountaineering) is quite demanding, yet our difficulty scale reaches up to 5.2! Obviously, the latter routes are for expert ski-mountaineers, and must be tackled only if the conditions and the weather are perfect, since they don’t allow any room for mistakes.

So… have fun browsing the guidebook, and feel free to choose your preferred route, but above all… have fun skiing!

Robert Zink, born in 1970 in Styria, a chemist, lives since 1999 near Villach. He’s a true expert of South-eastern Alps ski-mountaineering. This is his sixth guidebook – the fourth for Versante Sud, after “Ski-mountaineering in Western Julien Alps”, “Ski-mountaineering in Eastern Julien Alps”, “Ski-mountaineering in Carnic Alps”. He has explored ski-mountaineering routes all over the world, and climbed many peaks in the Alps, the Colorado Rocky Mountains and in Yosemite.

Stefan Lieb-Lind, born in 1973, is an environmental scientist and a professional alpine guide. He lives with his family near Villach, and is fond of exploration, especially if it implies mountains. He opened and first climbed approx.. 80 multi-pitches (on rock and ice) and has a penchant for remote and unknown ski destinations, such as the Balkans or the southern part of High Tauern. He works also as a consultant for tour operators, proposing long-range excursions and bicycle travels.

Hannes Haberl, born in 1980, is a professional alpine guide and a gymnastic and geography teacher in Spittal an der Drau, in Carinthia. In summer he plans his next ski-mountaineering explorations – if the snow condition is fine, you’ll never see him without his ski in winter! He manages, together with Stefan, a website dedicated to mountain sports and the High Tauern peaks are one of his favourite playgrounds!

Year: 2019
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