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Sasso Remenno is a huge and compact boulder that fell in Val Masino from the mountain above centuries ago, and it is considered the largest boulder in Europe. Its summit is a comfortable plateau covered with grass and dotted by birches and can be reached through different climbing routes, discovered in the course of several years starting from the Twenties.
Today Sasso Remenno and its satellites feature more than 250 climbing routes of varying difficulty, and for its comfort and exposure is for sure one of the most popular crags in Lombardy.
This map is an economical and detailed picture guide of this small but important corner of Valtellina, and includes new and unpublished crags.
If you have time to explore other wonderful places around, you’ll find all the information you need on the wider and thorough guidebook “Valtellina, Valchiavenna, Engadina”.

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Year: 2015
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