South Face
Francesco Salvaterra


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Val Ronchina, Val Dossón, Val Cèrcen, Val Gabbiolo, Val Nardìs, Val d’Àmola e Val Corniello

The mountain massif of Presanella is strictly connected to Adamello, from which it is separated by the splendid and wild Val Genova. This is where we find the highest peak of Trentino, among glaciers and enormous rock faces characterized by granite rocks called tonalite.

It is the ideal playground for all the disciplines of alpinism: from classical high mountain, to ice and mixed, sports routes, modern or adventurous terrain. Many routes have been put up throughout the years and great names like Walter Bonatti, Carlo Mauri, Armando Aste and many others have all left their signature. Since the dawn of time alpinists have confronted themselves not only with long and tiring approach walks, but also with a lack of information. Just think that the most recent mountaineering guide book is a selection of routes dating back to 1985.

This guidebook collects as clearly and concisely as possible all the mountaineering routes of rock, ice and mixed, citing only the main normal routes used as a return route. This work has the aim and ambition to give the mountain group the right visibility and to help alpinists make the most of one of the most beautiful mountain massifs of the southern Rhaetian Alps.

Francesco Salvaterra: Born in 1989, Franz lives in Tione di Trento, a strategic position situated at the feet of Adamello-Presanella and the Brenta Dolomites. A full time Mountain Guide he has specialised in accompanying people on his local mountains intervalled with numerous trekking and alpinism expeditions in far away places. He tends to be “unconventional” and ever since his first experiences on rock, he fell in love with the least known and more demanding mountains of the area: Presanella. This area has seen his growth and progress mountaineering-wise, during the many repetitions and new routes on the cracks of compact granite and icy couloirs which characterize these rocks, Franz trained himself for bigger mountains like Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy in Patagonia, where he climbs and accompanies clients during winter time. Year after year he has never stopped loving and climbing the tonalite rock that Presanella offers and this guide book is the result of a dream nurtured for years: and that is to enhance these beautiful mountains which have a lot to give anyone who approaches them with a spirit of adventure.

Year: 2021
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