88 Itineraries between Valle Sabbia, Valle del Gaver, Valle del Garza, Val Trompia, Lago d’Iseo, Val Palot and Valcamonica

Romano Artioli


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MTB in the MOUNTAIN around Brescia

88 Itineraries between Valle Sabbia, Valle del Gaver, Valle del Garza, Val Trompia, Lago d’Iseo, Val Palot and Valcamonica

This guidebook presents a long itinerary giving you the chance to discover and cycle roughly 2.500 km, 110.000 metres of vertical height gain in total, divided into 88 itineraries. My concern, as well as my great wish, was to allow you to reach amazing locations immersed in the history of our land, proposing itineraries which are suitable for everyone, with a gradual scale of difficulty.

The guidebook covers seven macro areas; you have the possibility to choose freely from which area you prefer to start. From the high peaks of Valcamonica to Val Palot and the Iseo Lake, to Valle del Caffaro, Valle del Garza, Val Trompia and Val Sabbia, these bike trails will give you the opportunity to experience unforgettable emotions. From the city of Gavardo at 199 metres a.s.l., to the 3.030 metres high Monte Gavia, all of the trails are described in detail, including planimetries, GPS tracks and waypoints.

Getting lost will be almost impossible, as we have tried to give you comprehensive explanations, leading you to all the places you wish to discover. Depending on your abilities, amount of training and time available, the legend shows the grade of difficulty to start exploring our trails gradually. Do not rush: you will have the opportunity to have fun and even your most demanding expectations will be satisfied. You will find information sheets about history, legends and the most characteristic places to visit, as well as our suggestions on where to enjoy the best of our territory during your tours. I am sure you will appreciate our land, learning to see it from another point of view.

Finally, I wish to contribute to the protection of our territory by encouraging a sustainable tourism, which means living these experiences in contact with nature, as far away as possible from urban traffic. A mindful and explorative way of travelling, respecting the environment, which becomes an essential part of the whole experience. 

Romano Artioli was born in 1974. He lived in the province of Mantova where he started to discover the mountains as a teenager, camping in summer. He has walked and explored all of the valleys around Brescia, discovering the beauty of its paths. He feels such a strong connection with these mountains that he has decided to cycle across them with his mountain-bike, with the intention of mapping every single variant and sharing it with the people who have the same passion.


Year: 2022
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