Como, Varese, Maggiore, Lugano
Luca De Franco e Gianfranco Ubbiali


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MTB from MILAN to the LAKES

Como, Varese, Maggiore, Lugano

74 itineraries and 14 cycle routes

This guide book is dedicated to those people who love the freedom that a bike can give you, bringing peace, relaxation, diversion, discovery or for those looking to train and want adrenaline when on the saddle.

The rediscovery of the environment and the propulsive push that assisted-pedalling offers, has put cycling at the centre of collective attention, reawakening both cyclo tourists as well as downhillers. And it is for all of these cyclists that we have come up with the particular itineraries.

The itineraries set off from Milan, whisk by the lakes, touch the summits of the Lombardy Alps and the peaks of the Ticino Canton. There are anthropized areas, which are still ideal for exploration across green paths. We can get out of the metropolitan centre towards north by following cycling paths and dirt trails, and gradually reach areas in which the natural environment takes over the horizon. Specifically devised this way, with each page the itinerary’s difficulties increase, the guide book describes cycling paths, hilly paths and trails which lead to summits, and ascents which require training and downhills which require technique. We point out special places ideal for everyone which should not be missed varying from a hidden panoramic point to an adrenaline filled passage – connections using public transport, to define our passion which has zero impact.

Finally, the itineraries are scattered along the territory with a precise function: to allow the more expert cyclists to join them up and plan a trip in stages. We are certain – thanks to our personal experience – that to carry out itinerant trips in company is the best experience ever for bikers: sharing their passion with others.

Luca De Franco, mountains, which he has always frequented, are his passion: first as an alpinist, then as a ski-mountaineer to then become a mountain biker, a passion that has overwhelmed him right from the beginning. His preferred play ground is the Varese area and Ticino canton, due to the great variety of landscapes and opportunities they offer. Work wise he is versatile, where he splits his time between his official job as a geologist and an unofficial job as a journalist. He has been collaborating for years with Versante Sud and this is the third update of the guide book dedicated to the Province of Barese and Ticino Canton.

Gianfranco Ubbiali was born in 1966, he lives in Monza and knows all the paths of Brianza and the Triangolo lariano. He fell in love with mountain biking at the age of 44, when the direct contact with nature convinced him to stop playing basket ball. He is a mountain bike guide and through he offers organized tours on 2 wheels. He believes that this sport is a metaphor for life. Not the inflated one “to keep your balance, you must keep moving” but rather “to savour a conquest you have to obtain it by sweating”.

Year: 2022
ISBN: 978 88 55470 575
Pages: 528
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