53 routes from Paganalla to Lagorai
Alessio Conz


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Mountain Biking in Trento and Valsugana

53 routes from Paganalla to Lagorai

This guidebook presents 53 ring tours covering an area stretching from Paganella to Trento, to Valsugana and Lagorai. It is an area still to be discovered by most bikers, which nowadays is known better just to locals and some enthusiasts, although it includes some spots which are already quite popular.

The guidebook aims at being an extensive survey of routes suiting any taste and ability. The main common trait is the discovery and exploration of an astonishing, unspoilt mountain environment.

Alessio Conz lives in Pergine Valsugana, a few kilometres from Trento, next to Levico and Caldonazzo lakes. He started climbing in the Eighties, repeating hundreds of routes in the Dolomites, in Sarca Valley, and developing a passion for ski-mountaineering, exploring the peaks of the Dolomites and the 4000s in the Alps, finally becoming an Alpine Guide. He later focused on the Lagorai group, where he setted sport climbing crags, canyoning routes and multipitches, switching between his work as Alpine Guide and as author for several publications, including: Ski-Mountaineering in Lagorai – Cima d’Asta [Versante Sud, 2010]; Arrampicare sul granito delle DolomitiLagorai Cima d’Asta [Edizioni Versante Sud, 2010]; Trento Falesie [Casa Editrice Effe Erre, 2016]. His next publication, shortly after this MTB guidebook, is a guide to trekking in Valsugana and Lagorai.

Year: 2018
ISBN: 978-88-85475-25-0
Pages: 264
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