77 rides between the mountains and the sea.
Peter Herold, Amos Cardia,
Davide Deidda, Carlo Pitzalis


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This updated selection of 77 routes to ride throughout the year lets you explore the Sardinia’s tracks and paths from north to south, offering you a surprising variety of landscapes and experiences, from the splendid beaches to the perfumes of the Mediterranean macchia, and from the rolling hills of the coast to the harsh limestone of the interior.

You will discover the story of Sardinia and the Sards, from the first human settlement in Anglona to the omnipresent nuraghi, from the imposing mines of the south-west to the Barbagia’s isolated sheepfolds where the shepherds preserve to this day the ancient traditions.

You will find a for the most part unspoilt island and ride on centuries-old singletracks, where famous bandits or hard-working charcoal burners used to pass, and which today will delight the most demanding riders or satisfy the curiosity of cycle tourists on their first MTB rides.

A complete guide to help you organise your biking holiday in Sardinia and for all the summer visitors to the island who want to ride their mountain bikes while they’re on holiday.

the book features a code allowing to download the gps tracks of every route, and the video clips of the most exciting descents.

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Peter Herold, English-born (1964) but Sard by adoption, proposed this guide to the MTB in Sardinia to Versante Sud. Together with his wife Anne he opened in 2007 in Lotzorai on the island’s east coast the guesthouse The Lemon House (, a reference point for bikers, walkers and climbers. Peter has contributed to several guidebooks on Sardinia, both to explain the island to those arriving from overseas (Italians as well as foreigners) and using his detailed knowledge of the area where he lives.

Amos Cardia was born in Cagliari in 1975 and lives in Sinnai (CA). A MTB guide and teacher, he is author of 15 publications on Sardinia. Amos runs SardiniaBiking, which boasts the largest catalogue (more than 6000 km altogther) of mountain bike tours in Sardinia.  Since 2005 he organises the TranSardinia, the crossing from north to south of Sardinian by mountain bike, on the east side from Palau or Cagliari, and on the west side, from Alghero to Cagliari.

Davide Deidda, is an engineer, born in Lanusei but who grew up in Nuorese where his parents live, After a long period in Spain where he raced on his mountain bike he helped  Peter  documenting rides in Ogliastra and then dedicated himself to the exploration of the Centre of Sardinia and in particular of the Supramonte. A lover of long rides and “impossible” paths, which he thinks shouldn’t be just for walkers and which he stubbornly tries to ride.

Carlo Pitzalis’ ancestors are from the Barbagia, but his parents moved to Gallura right after his birth in Sassari in 1969. He discovered mountain biking in 1997, taking part in the years to follow in cross-country races. Later, through “”, he got to know many Sard bikers and organised various events in Gallura, including “ciclo pedalate” to promote the region and to raise money for charity (raising money for bikers affected by the flooding in Gallura, or for a playground for kids).

Year: 2016
ISBN: 9788898609659
Pages: 432
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