50 itineraries picked out between Borgio Verezzi, Finale Ligure and Noli.
Marco “Thomas” Tomassini


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50 itineraries picked out between Borgio Verezzi, Finale Ligure and Noli

Steep and tense ascents, technical descents which suddenly drop down towards the sea, with landscapes which unveil its beauties through the woods: caves, castles, roads, terraces and medieval centres.

Trail running is the main activity ideal for enjoying the adrenaline of these paths, but also the most meditative hikers can enjoy this spectacular territory, if accompanied by a good guide book just like this second edition by Marco Tomassini, one of the maximum experts on the paradise of outdoor sports which is found in the territory of the Finalese.

The areas covered are, from east to west, Borgio Verezzi, Calice Ligure and Rialto, Finalborgo and Perti, Orco Feglino, Finalpia Calvisio and Verzi di Finale, Varigotti and Le Mànie and finally Noli.

Marco “Thomas” Tomassini (1971) started visiting the Finale area during the eighties. His passion for mountains and rock encourage him to approach first of all paths and then exploration, then to speleology and afterwards climbing. After a short time he becomes an instructor for S.S.I. (The Speleological Italian Society) and then sports climbing instructor for U.I.S.P. (Italian Union of Sports for All) and assistant instructor in the C.A.I. (Italian Alpine Club). Finale and its rocks become the climbing and bolting scenery he prefers. Here, over twenty years, on his own or with others he has bolted over 600 routes. His constant and continuous activity of bolting has been rewarded by Salewa who has put him among the local “Salewa People”. In 2011, after a very careful and obsessive job of mapping and surveying of the crags in the Finale area, the guide book “Finale Climbing” comes out published by Versante Sud, today at its fourth edition, and reference point for climbers all over the world. He has now gone back to dedicate his time to paths and in 2013 he published the first edition of “Sentieri di Finale” (the paths of Finale), where most of his free time is being dedicated to the new volume.

Year: 2022
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