The connection between the discipline of Yoga and conscious climbing
Alberto Milani and Cristine Spiezia


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The connection between the discipline of Yoga and conscious climbing

This handbook aims at presenting the connections existing between Yoga and climbing, exploring not only the awareness of body, breath and psychological dynamics, but also contextualizing them in the spiritual path of this millennial discipline. The objective is to show how Yoga techniques can be turned to climbing at a physical and mental level, and to demonstrate that climbing, if experienced with the right attitude, can become itself a form of Yoga.

After an introduction where the bases of Yoga are presented and its connection with climbing is synthetized, the book reserves a substantial part to the description of the most important Yoga positions (Asanas) and several sequences conceived for climbers, explaining in depth their benefit in climbing. Next, different breathing techniques are described (Pranayama) that can be applied to climbing, then the fundamentals of meditation are analysed, as well as how climbing can become a form of meditation in movement. A chapter follows concerning Yoga relaxation techniques and an explanation of how Yoga’s ethical and moral codes (Yama and Niyama) can find an application in the present climbing world. Finally, further investigation takes place in a wide Appendix. This handbook turns to those who search in Yoga a complementary training to improve as climbers, as well as those who are interested in reaching the heart of Yoga and having a deeper vision of their vertical passion. The second edition is a considerable revision and widening of the previous one, in which those who appreciated the first version can find many other techniques and new ideas.

Alberto Milani. Born in 1980, he has started climbing at the age of 13. During the first years of his activity he devoted himself to sport climbing and partly to alpinism, then by end of the ’90s he dedicated most of his time to bouldering. Together with the outdoor activity, from 2003 to 2010, he has participated to the major Italian boulder competitions. When he noticed the closeness between climbing and Yoga, he approached Yoga in 2002 and has practiced it regularly since 2007, starting a multi-annual training path to become teacher in 2010, at the school Jiva Yoga of Como. In 2014 he completed this path, graduating as a teacher recognized at the national (CSEN) and international level (E-RYT®200/RYT®500/YACEP®). From 2019 he is ordinary member of YANI (Yoga Associazione Nazionale Insegnanti) and from 2017 he is a FASI instructor of climbing, currently at the indoor climbing gym Manga in Milan. From 2014 he teaches Yoga and Yoga for climbing, holding lessons weekly and organizing tens of seminars, workshops and retreats all around Italy. Moreover, he is one of the responsible teachers for the multi-annual training course for new teachers at the Jiva Yoga Academy (

Cristine Spiezia. Since her childhood she grew up in a context where Yoga, holistic disciplines and spirituality have been part of her everyday life, inside yogic communities. Love for nature and eco-sustainability brought her to graduate as a Beautician in 2004 at the professional school of Como, and to deepen eco-organic cosmetics, collaborating with InLight Beauty – Cemon. In this context she developed the holistic approach “Naturopathy for the skin”, combining the knowledge of TCM’s meridians with self-massage techniques, Yoga and skin care. Her interest for psychology led her to become “Community leader” in 2009. In 2014 she graduated as Yoga teacher at the Jiva Yoga school, with an international certification RYT®500. She teaches Yoga regularly, especially Yoga for pregnant women and after childbirth, she offers holistic consulting and collaborates with professionals of several sectors. She is also part of Jiva Yoga Academy’s team of teachers for the training of new teachers. In 2013 she started to climb regularly.

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