Sport climbs between the Garda Lake and Lessinia
Veronese climbers


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Sport climbs between the Garda Lake, Monte Baldo, the Valley of Adige, Valpollicella, Valpantena and Lessinia

VERONA ROCK Falesie comes from the previous edition of Monte Baldo Rock. With the desire of succeeding in what the previous authors had tried in vain, Giovanni Avesani, Massimo Bursi, Fabio De Marchi, Claudio Migliorini, Diego Perotti, Giuseppe Vidali and Nicola Zorzi took advantage of the active and participating contribution of many bolters and climbers from Verona, a synergy that finally led to the creation of the first guidebook including the whole province of Verona.

VERONA ROCK Falesie is a complete and clear description of all the most popular crags, such as the historic Ceredo and Sengio Rosso, but it also includes the most recent or minor spots, only known by local climbers. Beautiful natural landscapes, as the canyon of Adige or the Monti Lessini near the Piccole Dolomiti, form the background of varied rock walls, going from leaning slabs to overhangs.

The best period to climb here is the mid-season, even though the high number of crags with many different expositions allow the climbing all year round.

Giovanni Aversani coordinated the work, handling the digitalization and mediating between the practical requests of the publishing house and the work group: the factotum!
Massimo Bursi wrote the historic introduction as well as the interviews with the protagonists. He was an essential reference point for both the younger and older climbers, thanks to his wit the boat was shipped into port: the viator!
Fabio de Marchi contributed to the information gathering, the final proofreading and to all the intermediate stages of the work, brightening the group with with his pragmatic spirit: the illuminator!
Claudio Migliorini managed the relations with the publishing house, coordinating the group and the external collaborators during all the stages of the work, dealing with a number of public relations and calls: the motor!
Diego Perotti contributed to the data collection, the introductions of the macro areas, the introduction texts and, above all, the review of many sections. His literary and philosophical attitude and his philological understanding permeate the stylistic quality of this guidebook: the criticus!
Beppe Vidali contributed to the aesthetic quality of the work, painting all the watercolours. Above all, he represented the historic link between who was there and who wasn’t there yet, proving that only understanding and communication can avoid a growing state of isolation which leads to self-centredness, and can break the generational barriers: the pons!
Nicola Zorzi contributed to the data collection, the proofreading during all the stages and to the collection/taking of new pictures. He was always there, reliable and, above all, constantly open to confrontation: the constans!

Year: 2023
ISBN: 978 88 85475 649
Pages: 320
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