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In this third edition, only dedicated to the crags, Davide Mazzucchelli (author of the previous edition) works together with Matteo Della Bordella, who knows Switzerland very well and is already the author of “Arrampicare in Svizzera“.
The book, expanded and updated, suggests a big selection of crags in the Canton Ticino area, which offers many interesting crags either for the variety of climbing or for the mild weather conditions.
A comprehensive chapter about the crags in the province of Varese completes the volume, with some in-depth analysis on the principal characters or stories telling the history of climbing in this area.
Coming soon another volume all about the multi-pitch routes.

Even in this guidebook you’ll find:
1 – in-depth interviews with some of the most significant personalities
2 – QR codes with GPS coordinates, which can be used with any smartphone and easily lead you to the car parks below all the crags

About the Authors

Matteo Della Bordella was born in Varese in 1984. Graduate in industrial engineering, he climbs since he was 12, and has repeated many
routes throughout the Alps, including high difficulty routes. Some of them were climbed free solo and on sight, like “Il Pesce” in Marmolada; furthermore, he opened many extreme routes.
He is a member of “Ragni di Lecco” group since 2006, his activities ranging from rock climbing to extra-european expedition.
Amongst his most important climbs there’s the first ascent of the South-Western face of Egger Tower in Patagonia (2013), the first ascent of the
South-Western face of Uli Biaho Tower (6109m) in Pakistan, and the recent expedition “by fair means” at Shark Tooth in Greenland (2014).
The crags around Varese, especially in Canton Ticino, has been his workout gym for several years, so if he’s not travelling somewhere in the world, these are the
places where it’s easier to meet him.

Davide Mazzucchelli, born in Varese in 1976, is a computer consultant married and father of two.
He defines himself “just a true mountain lover”, practicing rock, ice, mixed climbing and ski mountaineering.
He traveled far and wide throughout the Alps, paying special attention to the lesser-known routes – if possible, tricky!
The nearby Canton Ticino has always been his playground.
Opening new routes, preferably in clean style, comparisons with the great alpinists of the past, the intense winter ascents and the profundity of solo climbing hold a special place in his life.

Year: 2015
ISBN: 978-88-98609-09-3
Pages: 352
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