12 itineraries from 3 to 6 days.
Gian Luca Boetti


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This guide pulls together some of the most significant walking routes in the Alps surrounding Turin and crossing into the French Hautes-Alpes.
These treks, winding through the mountains do not represent a border; their natural and geographic essence serves to connect extensive areas, and have for a long time helped to unite the common culture of the people who live on one side or the other of these mountains.
These itineraries follow a pattern of walking, resting and walking again for two, three, four or more days, journeying with body, heart, mind, senses and spirit immersed in the nature of the Val Troncea, Orsiera-Rocciavrè and Gran Paradiso parks along with other SCIs (Sites of Community Interest). From the areas visited the views span across the nearby mountains of the Gran Bosco di Salbertrand, Ecrins and Vanoise. The geology, flora, and fauna of these habitats merit attention and curiosity none less so than the human landscape with its traditional architecture, regional works, customs and traditions along with many other cultural aspects which have developed from centuries of coexistence with the Alps.
Walk and sleep in the mountain to reawaken your sense of discovery and adventure.

About the Author

Since 1985 Gian Luca Boetti has been one of the most active photographers and journalists in Italy. His photographs and words have described itineraries for the most important publishers in Italy and abroad, illustrating dozens of guides and books. He has published hundreds of articles relating to travel and trekking, including covers, monographs and special editions. The collaboration with 60 of the most prestigious weekly and monthly magazines in Italy and Europe have included Viaggi di Repubblica, Specchio, Alp, La Rivista della Montagna, Oasis, Itinerari e Luoghi, Meridiani, Meridiani Montagne, Qui Touring, Airone, Trek, L’Alpe, Grandes Espacios, Altaïr. He takes his passion for the mountains to the foot of the Pyrenees, the peaks of the Mediterranean mountains and to other continents, always alert to the natural and human environment. He has curated exhibitions, illustrated encyclopaedias, drawn illustrations for national publications and has taught visual studies to students. This is his first guide for Versante Sud.

Year: 2011
ISBN: 978-88-96634-28-8
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