More than one hundred itineraries + 6 multi day traverses
Enrico Baccanti e Francesco Tremolada


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More than one hundred itineraries + 6 multi day traverses

This new edition of the guide book “SKI MOUNTAINEERING IN THE DOLOMITES” has been newly published with over thirty new proposals, three single itineraries and traverses lasting more days. Keeping its original concept which is dedicated to the search for itineraries which include, as much as possible, the variety of routes which the Dolomites, with their extraordinary nature, offer people who are passionate about this winter discipline.

These pages describe well known and classic itineraries, from unpublished itineraries, variants, or traverses which privilege the skiing aspect, responding to the more current ski mountaineering tendencies. Even in terms of the technical profile, both for the length, and difficulties we have tried to cover a range of various itineraries in the areas described to give ski mountaineers the chance to find the best destinations in terms of conditions and the skier’s preparation. For each itinerary we have tried to supply an accurate description together with symbols and an essential map of the route, complete with panoramic or detailed photos of the route.

The guide book’s main aim is to describe the sector of the central Dolomites, with special attention to those protected areas where the practice of ski mountaineering in uncontaminated nature is increasingly appreciated.

The book is divided into 9 chapters which correspond to the 9 mountain chains and their neighbouring geographical areas, the last chapter is exclusively dedicated to the “haute route” and the shorter traverses, following a formula of great success which leads an increasing number of ski mountaineers to extend their experience from one point of the immense world of the Dolomites to the other.

Enrico Baccanti, born in 1961 in Genoa has been a Mountain Guide since the end of the 80’s, he lives in Corvara, Val Badia, and is a member of the local school of alpinism and the Aiut Alpin, the mountain rescue association active in the Ladin Valleys. Professional even beyond his local mountains he treasures an absolute predilection for the Dolomites which is expressed through the accurate knowledge of the areas, the itineraries and the events which make up the mountaineering and ski mountaineering history of these mountains. The Park’s protected areas, the peaks full of meaning and the classic itineraries, both on rock and on skis, make up his favourite environment. He is already co-author in the first edition of “Ski mountaineering in the Dolomites” and has written various articles and essays on the Dolomites in magazines such as Alp and Alpi Venete, presenting original itineraries and narrating the history of alpinism and skiing.

Francesco Tremolada, born in Padova in 1970, lives in Corvara, Val Badia where he is a full-time Mountain Guide as well as being a freelance journalist and photographer. He has published various volumes dedicated to skiing, “Freeride in the Dolomites” stands out, a point of reference for those who love skiing down couloirs among tall rock faces, and is also author of many articles in specialised magazines and websites. He is a complete alpinist and has selected skiing as his favourite discipline achieving many repetitions and first ever descents in the Dolomites and more generally in the Alps. His job as a Guide, interpreted in a modern and proactive way, has led him to travel and discover the most original and diverse areas on this planet, from the Dolomites to the volcanoes of Chile, from Scandinavia to New Zealand, all experiences which can be read on Francesco’s personal blog:

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