6 crossings and 66 ring routes between Bergamo, Lecco, Sondrio and Brescia
Maurizio Panseri


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TRAVERSE – Itineraries and Stories
6 traverses and 66 loop trails between Bergamo, Lecco, Sondrio and Brescia

The main subject of this guidebook are ski traverses, from day trips to long raids. This guide offers a wide selection of proposals, beyond any geographical or administrative boundary. The Orobie of Bergamo and Valtellina are the main protagonists, without forgetting though the areas of Brescia and Lecco. This guide will take you to the discovery of the Orobic Alps as such, to their highest peaks and the 3050 metres of the Pizzo Coca, as well as the Bergamasque Prealps with the Dolomites-like massifs of Grigne, Arera and Presolana up to the Concarena.

An adventurous trip through a complex geography, situated between Valtellina and the plane, the Lake of Como and the Camonica Valley. Although this is the perfect place for ski mountaineering raids, the complete traverses are only 6, covered from 1971 to 2019 along different tracks.

Entire areas are still little frequented by ski mountaineers, whose large presence is concentrated on classic itineraries and one-day trips. The expressed objective of this guide is to encourage the visit and exploration of the Orobie during the winter season, with particular attention to peaks, faces and valleys that are less known.

Plunging several days in the wild Orobie, following the rhythms of nature, fully enjoying the unexpected charm of a night passed in the snowy mountains.

Maurizio Panseri was born in Bergamo in 1964 and now lives in Olera, a small historic village nestled in the woods of Alzano Lombardo. Fascinated by mountains since youth, he has explored all the Alpine region. The Orobie and Bergamasque Prealps remain “his” home mountains, to which he is deeply connected and which can still amaze him. The love for snow led him to realize many ski traverses, from the Alps to the Pyrenees, from Corsica to the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Moreover, he has participated to some editions of the Mezzalama Trophy, the Parravicini Trophy and the Pierra Menta. The ski mountaineering activity, also using snowboard, is combined with alpinism and mountain bike. Since the beginning he has been reporting and telling the moments of his life in the mountains. He has collaborated and still collaborates with several specialized magazines. With Versante Sud he has already published MTB da Bergamo ai Laghi di Endine e Iseo (2018) and Valli Bergamasche – Crags and multipitch routes (2016). His “Piccole Storie” and all his production can be found and read at and on his Facebook and Instagram pages.

Year: 2021
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