ROCK WARRIORS WAY + Espresso Lessons

A physical and mental training programme to make progress in climbing
Arno Ilgner


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ROCK WARRIOR’S WAY + Espresso Lessons

A physical and mental training programme to make progress in climbing.
Self-awareness, responsibility, fear.

Let’s do a test.

When you climb a route at your limit:
• Are you frustrated when things don’t go as you want or as you expected?
• Do you hold your breath?
• Do you believe that falling is not part of the climbing process?
• Do you hesitate on what you consider to be impossible or not possible to do? – Are you hesitant or uncertain when you reach the crux?
• Do you try not to fall, do you add protection where it is not needed, do you pinch too hard, do you pull on the quickdraws?
• Are you in a hurry, do you wish you were beyond the crux, on top of the route and wish the effort were over?

If any answer to these question is “yes”, you might be forfeiting the best use of your awareness, as a warrior should do.
Tead this book. Your awareness will grow and improve, exponentially. It does not matter if your approach is not perfect, you will have benefits from this, and you will be astonished by the magnitude of the results. Awareness is the key to any problem solving issue. You will discover a significant improvement in your mind-set, in your climbing style, and in the fun you have doing it. The main novelties in this second edition are related to risk management. Self-awareness – Risk Assessment – How to manage pauses and rests – How to deal with falling – How to deal with an overall strategy. Including several examples and exercises. Plus, a new layout and graphic concept!

Arno Ilgner started climbing in 1973, and then he accomplished several notable ascents all over the US, Canada, France and Korea. Amongst his feats, a new route on the East wall of Cloud Peak, Wyoming, USA; free-climbing the North face of Glass Rock and several ascents on the Whiteside Range in North Carolina. Arno has developed his training method in more than ten years, working with hundreds of people. He is also a teacher in postural gymnastics. He lives in Tennessee and teaches mostly in the South-East of the US, yet he is always keen on travelling and holding lectures and seminaries all over the world. Many climbers have benefitted from his insight, especially from North America. He is also working with young climbers athletes.

Year: 2021
ISBN: 978885547 0360
Pages: 288
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