The walls of the Lecco Lake, Medale, Grigne, Valsassina, Campelli, Alpi Orobie Valsassinesi, Resegone e Triangolo Lariano
Pietro Buzzoni ed Eugenio Pesci


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The walls of the Lecco Lake – Medale – Grigne – Valsassina – Campelli – Alpi Orobie Valsassinesi – Resegone – Triangolo Lariano

The smaller and bigger walls of the Grigne, soaring up to 600 metres of height, are the heart of the climbing around Lecco, Milano and the cities on the plain south of the Como Lake.

On these walls, for about one century, mountaineers such as Ratti and Cassin have contributed to the development of the modern conception of rock climbing and mountaineering. This guide book includes the multi-pitch routes of this massif overlooking the city of Lecco and, together with Lario Rock – Falesie, it represents a technical and historical reference work to learn more about the evolution of climbing around Lecco. From the historic routes of the 30s to the several modern routes, today on the walls of Lecco the climbing possibilities are many.

This book aims at giving an exhaustive overview of the present technical situation, from Grigne to Resegone, from Monte San Martino to Valsassina, without forgetting the minor walls. The authors set their work so as to combine the technical precision with a series of historic insights about the events and the protagonists that characterized the vertical activity on these walls.

As for the previous edition, the events which led to the creation of many famous and demanding routes are described with specific cards and rare photographs, some of which have never been published before. The itineraries are described extensively and in detail, not only through text but also through the drawings on the photographs.

Pietro Buzzoni (Lecco, 1963) started his mountaineering on the walls of Lecco and Valsassina. He repeated and established many routes on the mountains of the whole Alpine chain. He discovered and bolted several crags and climbed many new routes in the areas of Lecco and Valsassina. He is interested in mountain and mountaineering events, publishing several technical guide books and other texts about the mountain history of Valsassina.

Eugenio Pesci (Milano, 1961) started climbing in 1974 and teaches Philosophy in Milan. He repeated many classic and modern routes in the Alps and, since 1985, he has established many modern routes in Italy and abroad. He has contributed to the diffusion of modern and sport climbing, writing on the main European climbing magazines. Besides six technical books about the climbing around Lecco, he published the books Le Grigne, Guide deiMonti d’Italia, Tci-Cai, 1998 and Solitudine sulla est. Ettore Zapparoli e il Monte Rosa romantico, Vivalda 1995.

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