Resegone – Lecco – Valsassina – Grigne – Lario
Pietro Buzzoni e Eugenio Pesci


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Resegone – Crags of Lecco – Upper Eastern Lario – Valsassina – Grigne – Triangolo Lariano – Western Shore of the Lake

The book is exclusively in Italian

The geographical area between the cities of Lecco and Como, on the shores of Lario, is characterized by a century of renowned mountaineering tradition. In particular, sport climbing developed considerably over the years, thanks to the ideal and beautiful context of Grigne and Resegone.

From the 30s, the era of VI grade, through the experience of Riccardo Cassin and his mates, the rock walls of Lecco have become one of the birthplaces for climbing on limestone in Italy. From 1984, the area of Como and Lecco witnessed a quick and constant diffusion of sport climbing, an evolution which never stopped and is still lively. The closeness of this area to the main cities of Norther Italy encourages and increases the presence of climbers in its crags, which are known even at the international level.

This guide book is a new edition of the previous one, published in 2018, and it is the sum of all the available information on the crags of Lecco, the reference for sport climbing in the areas of Lecco and Como. The guide, written by the same expert authors of the previous edition, describes more than 100 crags, using the most up-to-date publishing and graphic technologies, complemented by drawings and technical pictures of the access paths and the positions of the crags, together with GPS coordinates and QR codes of the access paths and car parks. Based on a specific choice, this edition is enriched with many action pictures, as we believe that images are an essential element for describing the characteristics of a crag or a route. Moreover, there are many sections about history, presenting the people and places that have defined the evolution of sport climbing in this area.

Pietro Buzzoni (Lecco, 1963) started his mountaineering activity on the walls of Lecco and Valsassina. All-round mountaineer, he repeated many routes in the Alps, establishing many new ones (more then 50) on the mountains of Grigne, Campelli and Orobie. He discovered and bolted several crags in Valsassina (more than 200 single pitches). Being interested in mountaineering history, he has repeated and rediscovered forgotten routes and people of Lecco and Valsassina (described in his book Alpinismo pionieristico tra Lecco e la Valsassina, Bellavite 2016). He is author of several mountaineering and history publications on the main magazines and websites in this field. Moreover, he collaborated with the Region Lombardy as a consultant for the recent redevelopment project of the crags near Lecco.

Eugenio Pesci (Milano, 1961) started climbing in 1974. He is a philosophy teacher in Milan. He repeated many classic and modern routes in the Alps and, from 1985, established many modern routes in Grigne, Verdon, Val Formazza, Sardegna and Marmolada. He has contributed to the diffusion of modern and sport climbing in Italy, writing on the main European climbing magazines, with interventions on the main radio and television media. Besides six technical publications about climbing in the area of Lecco, he published the books: Le Grigne (Guide dei Monti d’Italia, Tci-Cai, 1998) and Solitudine sulla est. Ettore Zapparoli e il Monte Rosa romantico (Vivalda, 1995).


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