Sport climbing in Innsbruck and surroundings
Andreas Würtele


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SPORT CLIMBING in Innsbruck and surroundings
Hall – Brennero – Silz

Innsbruck, thanks to its position in the heart of the Alps, is often mentioned as the capital of the mountain chain. Alpinists are here part of everyday life: skiers walking around the city centre with their ski mountaineering equipment, are frequent as much as bikers with full climbing backpacks. It is also known that Innsbruck has a long tradition of sport climbing, with top athletes coming from all over the world and passionate locals opening new routes.

The last complete climbing guide of this region is legendary, realized by Otti Wiedmann and last published in 2003. This work aims to collect its legacy. The guide presents the famous and historical climbing walls of the Tyrol’s capital, it reveals to the general public the last creations which have been reserved for a few until now, and most of all it broadens the analyzed area to all the surrounding mountain region, which did not have a guide until now.

Andreas Würtele, born in 1978, grown up in Innsbruck, he lives now with his family on the plateau of Seefeld. He has been climbing since he was 14, and during these 30 years he has been discovering the whole world of alpinism: with skis, on the rock and on ice. Since 2012 he is responsible for the climb- ing walls of the Innsbruck’s Alpine Club, and works part-time managing the climbing centre of Innsbruck. He also works as mountaineering expert for climbing gyms and via ferratas, and as business and touristic consultant in the sport sector.

Year: 2023
ISBN: 978 88 55470 872
Pages: 592
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