Winter climbing in the Apennines range: goulottes, icefalls, ridges.
Cristiano Iurisci


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Winter climbing in the Apennines dates back to a long time ago, yet we have only a shallow knowledge of its history. This guidebook reviews carefully and comprehensively the winter routes in a wide and varied area of Central Apennines, stretching from Marche to the boundary between Molise and Campania. More than 250 km in a north-south orientation, constituting the core of the range. This guidebook will allow you to explore the most important areas and massifs: Sibillini, Gran Sasso, Velino, Sirente, Marsica, just to mention a few ones. Ridges, gullies and icefalls feature a very peculiar snow, which is described in detail and in its technical traits by the Author, who has personally climbed the most part of them, exploring the range and finding and describing new routes.

About the Author

Cristiano Iurisci, born in Lanciano (CH) in 1970, a bio-medical researcher, is amongst the most important authorities in winter climbing in the Apennines range. He started climbing in his childhood, focusing especially on winter climbing. His most important performance has been the first winter ascent of the North face of Murelle. Recently, he especially devoted himself to the exploration of new routes, preferring the West face of Peschio Gaetano, the Monte Altare and the Monte Camicia.

Year: 2012
ISBN: 978-88-96634-59-2
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