33 itinerari di corsa in natura attorno al Benaco
Ruggero Bontempi and Stefano Serena


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33 itinerari di corsa in natura attorno al Benaco

The guide is published in Italian and German

Lake Garda is one of the most popular areas in Europe for the practice of sporting activities that take place in a natural environment. For several years the hills and mountains overlooking the largest Italian lake have also become a reference context for the practice of trail running, with a variety of routes which, from those of moderate altitude and development, grow in intensity up to to transform into the challenging tracks of the internationally renowned Vertical and Skyrace competitions.

It is thanks to the variety of landscapes, in which in just a few kilometers you pass from the coastal areas to the mountainous areas of the hinterland, that you can follow itineraries capable of offering the most diverse athletic and technical contents. These characteristics, combined with the favorable climate in all seasons of the year, give great satisfaction and fun to those who want to practice running in nature on the paths around Lake Garda.

Ruggero Bontempi, a naturalist doctor and journalist specializing in mountain and environmental issues, carries out consultancy activities in the environmental and outdoor sectors, and participates in scientific research projects at high altitudes (Alps, Ruwenzori, Himalayas). He practices various sporting activities in the mountains, is a member of the Ugolini Rock Climbers Club and a national mountain bike instructor. After a few years dedicated to ultrarunning competitions, he set his business on the search for itineraries capable of highlighting running as an immersive journey into nature in all its components. In the Lake Garda area it has created guides dedicated to protected natural areas and hiking, mountain biking and canyoning routes.

Stefano Serena, born in 1975, started going to the mountains late, around the age of 20, with classic trekking. He was immediately fascinated by those walls that he saw rising towards the sky and decided to start climbing. Rock and ice. Fascinated from the mountain world in all its aspects, he begins to work in outdoor shops to be able to deepen his knowledge of materials and to be able to best advise those like him who want to tackle paths, climbing routes or long mountain trails. For a few years now, running and trail running have become part of his routine, moving away from climbing and snowboarding. Passionate about long distances even at altitude, he participates in and finishes races such as the Tor Des Geants, but willingly undertakes long itineraries with GPS in hand and without a bib.

Year: 2024
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