DAONE Boulder

Over 1800 moves + 1 boulderpark in Val Daone
Stefano Montanari


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DAONE Boulder

Over 1800 moves + 1 boulderpark in Val Daone

It has now been over ten years since Val Daone has discovered its true vocation: and that is, bouldering. Thanks to this guide book and the incessant work of a few climbers who have explored and cleaned thousands of moves, the valley is now one of the most popular European destinations. The already incredible amount of problems described in the previous editions, has been further expanded thanks to the systematic exploration which has occurred throughout the last few years.

Over 1800 moves, 10 bouldering sectors of granite situated between 800 and 2000 metres of altitude in an uncontaminated nature. The boulderpark is a true gem donated by the local council to families who are experiencing their first steps on natural rock: an area where boulders, even if immersed in beautiful woods, offer higher safety standards compared to other areas. Just like the previous edition the guide book has been embellished with dozens of QR codes which allow you to easily reach the car parks and the boulders, as well as watching the videos of the previous ascents.

Daone Boulder: 1 volume in Italian partially traslated in English and Germany

Stefano Montanari lives and works in Brescia, where, with his Mad Climbers association he manages a splendid bouldering gym. All his free time outside his city is dedicated to Val Daone where he cleans and opens new lines as soon as he has the chance to do so.He was one of the first boulderers to discover the valley’s potential, and it is thanks to him and his friends that most of the initial cleaning work has led to this guide’s first edition. After this effort he has not stopped and has continued discovering, cleaning and sharing new boulders and new projects, involving an ever increasing number of people.

Year: 2021
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