ARCO Walls vol.2

Classic and modern routes in the Sarca Valley
Diego Filippi


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ARCO Walls vol.2

Classic and modern routes in the Sarca Valley

Vol.2: Dro – Pietramurata – Sarche – Vezzano – Terlago

This long awaited volume is for lovers of adventure and explorative alpinism.

After publishing the first guide book of the most classical areas around Arco, this covers the wildest and remotest section of the Sarca Valley where there are a remarkable number of easy to reach multipitch routes for everyone. We find true gems for the more demanding climbers, for those looking to experience the excitement of big walls, for those wishing to feel lost in nature, dominated by the surrounding environment, as if climbing up a huge rock face in the Dolomites.

Beside friendly and reassuring Placche Zebrate, there are rock faces which loom over the valley near Sarche and Pietramurata and which continue towards the Valley dei Laghi, where the latest developments are still evolving: the possibilities on the walls of Fraveggio, as on the walls of the Limarò€ canyon have still got a lot of potential!

Alpinism and climbing in the Sarca Valley and near Arco, never cease to surprise us: it was the hotbed of free climbing in Europe, and still to this day offers us new opportunities on walls which incredibly are constantly evolving. From the previous edition in fact, 590 pages and 520 routes, two volumes which are over 500 pages long for a total of over 800 multi pitch routes with 23 new walls.

As in the three previous editions and in Vol.1, the guide is accompanied by precise drawings by the author, completely updated for the occasion, with accurate historic and logistical notes and a complete evaluation on the beauty and difficulty of the itinerary. Finally, a few of the alpinists past and present of the Valley enhance the work by narrating short stories, emotions and adventures experienced on the walls of Sarca.

Diego Filippi born in Trento in 1967, is a mountaineer, academic member of the Italian Alpine Club and Mountain Guide. He has a great in depth knowledge of the Sarca Valley and is deeply in love with its rock faces, he has wanted to bear witness to this great passion with an accurate and precise work, outcome of years of research and constant updates. This fourth edition represents the sum of his experience as an expert mountaineer and prolific route opener, which combines the great classical tradition with the new and more current forms of climbing.

Year: 2021
ISBN: 978885547 0315
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