45 hikes and 5 multi-day trails in Valsugana and Brenta canynon.
Paolo Bonetti, Marco Rocca


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The Brenta Valley originates from the lakes of Caldonazzo and Lévico. After roughly 75 kilometers, surrounded by imposing massifs, reaches the Venetian plains near Bassano del Grappa. The higher trait, called Valsugana, is wider and airy, while the lower part is wedged through a gigantic canyon, called Canale del Brenta. The area is of easy access, offering hikers an incredible variety of morphological features. Wide and lone glacial cirques, the granite structures of Cime di Rava and Cima d’Asta, the gentle meadows and the ridges, exposing the porphyry outcrops of Lagorài, the “Dolomite-like” profiles of Vigolana, the humongous rampart of Cima Dodici, streaked by the chamois routes, the charming “narrowings” of Canale del Brenta, where exceptionally built cobbled mule tracks still link old villages.
This area will delight the hiker for the wide variety of its features. All the routes are carefully described, for a total of 5 longer trails (for those who want to engage in multi-day treks) and 45 day-trips, each coming with historical and naturalistic annotations.

Year: 2011
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