Walks, Viàz, Ferrate and Vie Normali.
Paolo Bonetti, Paolo Lazzarin


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The massif of Civetta and Moiazza is one of the most imposing and hinged of the Dolomites. It stands amongst the most interesting for hikers, climbers and alpine history scholars. The Civetta – the sturdy core of the massif, more than 3000 mt high – has been deemed since the second half of nineteenth century as one of the most coveted summits for English, German and Italian pioneers. At the beginning of twentieth century it becames the veritable cradle of “Sixth Degree”, beckoning climbers and mountaineers from all over the world. Its stunning Northwest face was indoubtely the main attraction. The sub-massif of Moiazza is a few metres shy of 3.000, and, although lacking such an awe-inspiring structure, is very varied and faceted, featuring a trove of geological and environmental typicalities that have spurred explorations reaching its more secluded hideouts.
This guidebook is reviewing especially the hiking opportunities, describing a wide selection of routes, starting from the simplest walks to the most demanding traverses, including vie normali and the most technical “viàz”, bridging a gap in the specialized literature.

About the Authors

Paolo Bonetti, born in Bologna, started climbing in the Dolomites in the 60s, moving on later the sandstone of Apennines and the limestone of Apuan Alps. Towards the end of the 70s he started authoring several specialized books, both as a contributor and as a translator (amongst his works, the Italian translation of Big Wall Climbing by Doug Scott), collaborating with the most important publishers: Tamari, Zanichelli, Vivalda, Panorama, Cierre, Tappeiner, Versante Sud. Alpine Club di Londra, Rother, Alp, Rivista Mensile del Cai, Alpi Venete, Alpin, Bergsteiger. Starting from the 80s his main interest shifts towards the heyday of the trailblazing mountaineering.

Paolo Lazzarin, a journalist and a photographer, lives and works in Milan as a free-lance. He’s a regular contributor to the main Italian media outlets.
He authored more than 40 volumes published by the most important Italian publishers, including Rizzoli, Fabbri, Zanichelli, Tamari, Cierre, Panorama, Scripta, Tappeiner, Vivalda; many of them have also been translated into Spanish, French, Deutsch, Czech.
He have signed more than 15 publications about the Dolomites: photobooks, hiking and trekking guidebooks, wine and food travelogues.

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