Classic and modern routes.
Erik Svab, Giovanni Renzi


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The Tre Cime di Lavaredo are some of the most iconic peaks in the Dolomites. The overall importance of this trio, their somber and tall cliffs, their slender pinnacles have always fostered an incredible fascination and an unconditional deference.
The walls are very steep, often overhanging, and they require ease with climbing on loose terrain, experience and mental stamina.
Since the very beginning of mountaineering they have been a top destination for the most renowned climbers: many of them left a trace of their visit, establishing new routes, first repetitions, winter ascents, solo attempts, concatenations.

The guidebooks reviews more than 100 routes: besides the classic ones, all the free-climbing options are described in detail, including the “older” aid-climbing ones. Many of them have been repeated by the Authors themselves, who are both proficient climbers and mountaineers.
This work arises as well from the wish of preserving the legacy especially of the most demanding and lest known routes: thus, we will contribute not only to promoting this stunning massif, but as well to safeguarding its environment and preventing the risk of “overbolting” by ill-advised climbers.

Year: 2009
ISBN: 978-88-87890-88-4
Pages: 180
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