Mario Sertori
Classic and modern routes



Mello Valley is unmatched by any other Alpine Valley. Cliff walls if you look up and a quiet valley crossed by a river if you look down. It is a mythical place in the geography of climbing, where in the 70’s a group of guys reinvented the way to climb, inventing lines on walls impossible to equip, immersed in a powerful nature. In this guidebook we also speak about this. A monograph where each route appears in all its strength, from the age of pioneers to the last repetitions.
Some of those explorers had written contributions for the book, accounts of those legendary years that marked and revolutionized the way we approach to rock climbing.
You can follow the stories of Masa, Merizzi, Miotti and Boscacci and breath a little of the air of those days.

About the Author

Mario Sertori is mountain guide since 1991. His vertical path started right on the rough rock of these mountains. He likes to climb and to write: several of his adventure reports have appeared on specialized magazines translated in many languages, even Icelandic!
In 2004 he published the volume “Cascate – Lombardia e Svizzera” for Blu Edizioni, in 2007 (co-author Guido Lisignoli) “Solo Granito” for Versante Sud, which dealt with Mello Valley and upper Masino Valley, in 2009 “Alpine Ice“, in 2012 “Ghiaccio Svizzero” and in 2014 a new edition of “Solo Granito” For three years he was managing editor of

Year: 2014
ISBN: 978-88-98609-10-9
Pages: 336
Weight: 450g
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