Ai piedi del Gran Sasso: falesie di Chieti, L’Aquila, Pescara, Teramo
Marziale, Angelozzi, Puca, Cittadini e Giovanetti


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Ai piedi del Gran Sasso: falesie di Chieti, L’Aquila, Pescara, Teramo

The book is published only in Italian.

We write Abruzzo, but the name encompasses many meanings. This is the kernel that sparked the idea underlying the realization of this guidebook.

Many bolters have worked for several years, giving life to many new sectors and crags in this wonderful region, yet a comprehensive narration of this incessant activity was still missing. Therefore, the authors compiled a new edition that has become the most accurate manifesto of their hard work.

New opportunities arose from this idea, and this resulted in a team of five guys that share a deep passion for climbing. All the people involved in bolting and developing the area have collaborated to the project and provided information and suggestions, and this made the difference.

This meticulous work lasted almost two years: maintaining a thorough precision in collecting and organizing the information has been quite a task, rewarded by the exceptional result: we hope that the climbing community will appreciate and share all of this.

Luca Marziale, born in Teramo in 1984, discovered his passion for climbing at 28. Afterward he has pursued his training becoming a FASI instructor and then an official climbing instructor within the Italian Alpine Club. He bolted with his friends many routes and crags in his home district, including the Codirosso wall, in Val d’Angri, and several new lines in the surrounding area. He also promoted several Street bouldering events in Loreto Aprutino and Penne.

Lorenzo Angelozzi, born in Atri in 1991, is a jack-of-all-trades in climbing from 2001. He’s an official national FASI route-setter from 2013, and manages the climbing gym Mondi Verticali in Teramo, in collaboration with the alpine guide Vassili Bosi. He promotes several local and national climbing events, and he’s a keen bolter in his area.

Andrea Puca, born in Pescara in 1993, has grown on the mountains of his region. Fond of the woods, the valleys and the walls of Apennines, has started bolting new routes since he was a teenager. He’s been active in setting and developing new sectors for 18 years, especially in Val d’Angri, such as the Parete dell’Orso, the Grotta dei Tori and the Codirosso wall. He’s a regular in Gran Sasso, climbing in summertime and skiing and ice-climbing in winter.

Matteo Cittadini, born in Pescara in 1990, started climbing at 10 in his father’s climbing gym, with the sport club El Cap from l’Aquila, which now he chairs. At 14 he started taking part in competitions, winning in 2008 the regional title, and then the national cup of bouldering under 20; in 2009 he became the Italian champion of combined climbing. He’s a third-level route-setter, and from 2010 he’s working as well as a specialist in helicopter rescue for the regional team. He became a ski instructor and trainer in 2017; together with his father Agostino, a bolter and alpine guide, he’s active in developing several crags in Abruzzo.

Sandro Giovanetti, born in Atri in 1988, has always been fond of nature and travels, and practices several mountain sports. He’s most active in developing and maintaining the crags in his area, having bolted new routes on several walls, collaborating with his friends in the creation of new sectors, especially in Val d’Angri. He was amongst the first promoters of Street bouldering in Italy.

Year: 2023
ISBN: 978 88 55471 183
Pages: 496
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