100 ski-mountaineering routes from Montasio to Jof Fuart, Canin and Mangart.
Paul Ganitzer, Christian Wutte, Robert Zink


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Less than ten years ago, Western Julien Alps were almost neglected: nobody foresaw that they would become a first-class destination for winter sports. After years of explorations and descents, the Authors have chosen a fine seletcion of the best ski-tours in the four major massif of this side of Julien Alps: Montasio, Jôf Fuart, Canin and Mangart, aiming at promoting them to a wider audience.
Each route comes with a detailed description and an assessment, according to a well-tested standard used in the previous publications. The technical difficulty is compliant with the international scale; clear maps and pictures will help the skiers to chose amongst this trove of veritable gems.

This guidebook comes in an Italian language edition; a fully translated German version is available, too.

About the Authors

Paul Ganitzer
he’s living for more then ten years in Carinthia. He moved to Leoben for studying, after having spent his childhood in Großarl, near Salzsburg, and started exploring the nearby Styrian mountains. He’s a materials engineer, fond of running, climbing, paragliding; in Villach he started ski-mountaineering, fascinated by the Julien Alps.

Christian Wutte
born in 1964, he’s living in Feistritz, in Rosental, at the feet of Caravanchi Mountains. These lands bequethed him the passion for ski-mountaineering and climbing, leading him to repeat dozens of classic routes on the Alps and Dolomites. He’s a member of Alpine Rescue Team for a long time, and a certified instructor in skiing.

Robert Zink,
a chemist, was born in 1970 in Styria. He’s living in Villach since 1999 – departing from his town to explore the neearby mountains, going often solo. Besides ski-mountaineering in Europe, Africa, North America and the Caucasus, he’s fond of climbing, having repeated several routes both in the Alps and in the USA, namely in Yosemite and Colorado. He’s proud of having retraced the footsteps of Walter Pause, described in the book “100 Scalate estreme”.

Year: 2012
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