102 routes on the borders between Italy and France.
Diego Fiorito – Roberto Garnero


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The valleys around Cuneo, in the Monte Viso Group, are a veritable trove of steep skiing routes.

During the years, several skiers started practicing this charming sport. This volume describes more than 100 routes, with accurate technical information and photos. All the routes have been selected and tested by the authors, who skied in the valleys of Monte Viso Group: Grana, Maira, Varaita, Ubaye and Po.
Many of these proposals are unprecedented, having been discovered and explored by the authors Deigo Fiorio and Roberto Garnero and Giorgio Bavastrello, who are fine conoisseurs of the wildest nooks of this area.

Diego Fiorito

was born in Savigliano (CN) in 1983. An environmental engineer, he achieved all the most important certifications of the national association for Snow and Avalanches experts.
He’s been fond of mountains since his childhood, thanks to several trips with his family.
He started skii-mountaineering in 2000, testing the “classic” routes on the mountains around Cuneo, and retracing the most relevant steep skiing routes, when this discipline was still under the radar, and you had to bee able to “sense” the snow conditions.
Steep skiing became therefore a compelling passion, and he refined his intuitition to the point that he’s able to “spot” skiing lines where anybody else would dare to venture – he realized more that 45 “first descents” in his mountains.

Roberto Garnero

born in Cuneo in 1983, lives in Busca, a small and peaceful village in Cuneo district. He works in Valle Maira as a technician for the local Mountain Council.
Valle Maira is his favourite place, since he was a child; starting from summer holidays spent in a mountain hamlet with his family, he begun exploring the area, both in summer and winter conditions, practicing sports all around the year:
especially ski-mountaineering in winter, and mountain biking in summer.
He’s fond of the 4.000 mt peaks of the Alpine range: so far, he’s been atop some sixty of them.
He’s not especially keen of being dubbed a “steep-skier”, since he thinks that this term is too narrow.
The most fascinating thing of this sport, in his opinion, is the merging of these three factors: skiing, climbing, and the quest for the best line, also as a solo-skier.

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