110 routes chosen from Lario, Valtellina, Engadina and Canton Grisons
Giorgio Valè


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Ski mountaineering between Lombardy and Grisons: browse, dream and leave!

It’s been a few years since the first edition of snow under the skis has also passed, in years often with very little snow, difficult to ski well and safely, but especially to take good pictures. Of course we did not stay at home to look at the fireplace, and maybe doing a little ‘more than usual, we managed to ski well, certainly not always in dust, but still to ski. And some opportunities to make some nice photos is not lacking.

In this second edition were added 19 itineraries and improved / integrated some of the trips already present on the guide. The setting of the pages has also been improved and the maps completely renewed, I would say decisively. Some improvements had already been made with the reprint, such as the practical summary tables at the end of the guide, and now all that remains is to browse, to dream and to leave!

Giorgio Valè, Brianza class 1983, a professional engineer, for passion in the mountains of Lecco and its surroundings as soon as he can. CAI Ski Mountaineering Instructor, AINEVA Nivological Observer, with a passion for the mountains that has always been MTB, skyrunning, climbing, mountaineering or simply hiking.

Approaching ski mountaineering, sparkles the spark: in a short time covers most of the classic climbs between Valtellina, Lario and Grigioni, and then devote himself to discovering the less frequented and more sought after itineraries. Winter, long approaches and differences in thickness are ingredients that can not miss in the ideal outing. If necessary, it is not uncommon to find it to ski in Valle d’Aosta, Trentino, Switzerland, in the Apennines or in Sicily.

Year: 2018
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