Crags and multipitches in Western Piedmont vol.1
Elio Cacchio


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Crags and multipitches in Western Piedmont vol.1

This guidebook casts a wide glance on climbing destinations in a must-go area for climbers in Turin: Susa Valley and the western valleys in the district of Turin, reviewing and presenting areas such as Val Pellice, Rocca Sbarua, Susa Valley and Val Chisone. This work will take the climbers on a journey of exploration of fundamental crags and walls, recounting as well the history of climbing in Piedmont.

After the first two successful editions, dating back to 2005 and 2011, it is finally time for the third issue. Many new places and walls have been explored, equipped and bolted: therefore, the project is split in two separate volumes. The second one, reviewing the southern valleys, is going to be published in 2022.

This first volume deals with the larger and most populated valley in Piedmont: it features more than 400 pages and 120 crags, from Avigliana to Bardonecchia and Claviere, venturing as well to the first walls and crags just beyond the border with France.

Elio Cacchio, born in Turin in 1973, built and equipped his first small climbing panel in his home terrace in 1990. From there he started his journey in climbing competition. His passion for mountains and sport has led him “temporarily astray” (his own words!) from a Bachelor Degree in Economics and Business; in the meantime he designed (after some basic training in Autocad software) the climbing gym BSIde in Turin, which has been repeatedly enlarged till the completion of the new gym in 2004. He also opened there his first climbing and mountaineering gear shop, going as well online with a successful e-shop. Now there are four BShop retail stores, selling gear all over Europe… while Elio has discovered a new passion for tennis and sailing!

Year: 2022
ISBN: 978 88 85475 205
Pages: 480
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