90 multi pitch routes for anyone coming from sport climbing
Alberto Gandiglio, Davide Allegri, Enea Carone


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90 multi pitch routes for anyone coming from sport climbing

You will have seen some daring climbers at the crag climbing over the 30 metre limit of a single pitch route. Kevlar threads hanging off their harness as well as shoes and carrying a back pack. You might have even heard them shouting strange commands to their climbing partner, tied up to two ropes. Because this is exactly what happens when climbing a multi pitch route. You tie up together, a bond is created. Every emotion will be shared.

If for even one moment you have observed them dreamily or with a touch of curiosity, then this is the guide book for you. A complete itinerary will allow you to follow step by step the climbers you were observing with your nose in the air but feet firmly on the ground. Because this is what guide books are for, to carry one towards a destination, to indicate the right path.

We will lead you to discover the easiest and most interesting multi pitch routes in the Torino area, with grades varying from 4c to 6b+. All the multi pitch routes included and described in progression, have been chosen to offer you fun climbing. The objective is to improve safety, confidence and one’s climbing grade on a multi pitch route, avoiding unpleasant surprises. It isn’t only a list of sports routes, but you will also find interesting fun facts, historical notes, revision on technique, and short in depth analysis. In a few words, a proper book which will keep you company on days far from the rock.

Alberto Gandiglio: Gandi, anonymous crack climber and explorer. I have been climbing for over 10 years, but I still haven’t understood if I like it or not, all I know is that I need to do it. From easy climbing I moved onto classic alpinism, to climbing on multi pitch routes and explorative alpinism. I have opened twenty or so routes on rock, mixed and ice, I consider it the most difficult way of exploring the mountains, without itineraries, rules, grades or expectations. I follow routes I consider logical, that is why I adore cracks, the weaker points of rock faces par excellence. With this guide book I hope to pass on even just a fraction of the warmth that the mountains emanate for me.

Davide Allegri: Alle, team manager and serial draw grabber. Creator of the guide book ideal for anyone who is not a champion, and I, modestly, am not. I started climbing in June 2019. Only after a year I discovered that redpointing a pitch does not mean grabbing onto the anchor point…I had to start again! July 2020 I sent my first 7a, but I continued downclimbing the distant bolts. I open mental projects, not on rock. My climbing level is not as great as my competence for solving social problems instead of boulder problems.

Enea Carone: Agiolillo Enea, claustrophobic climber of corners and chimneys. I could not tell you exactly the moment I started climbing or better, I started mountaineering. I usually tend to put myself in danger. In those moments my mind works and my heart is full. I breathe adventure. I feel I am taking a bite out of life. In this way I found an excellent play ground in the mountains. Where nature manifests all of its terrible splendour. Where beauty glorifies flavours. My alpine c.v. consists of these moments. All this seems to contrast with this guide’s spirit? Well, yes: they dragged me into this, but I enjoyed it.

Year: 2022
ISBN: 978885547 0636
Pages: 288
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