65 itineraries + 3 traverses
Enrico Baccanti, Francesco Tremolada


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This guide book brings together a selection of ski mountaineering itineraries in the most important areas of the central and northern Dolomites, spacing from the San Pellegrino Pass to Lake Braies and from the Odle mountains to Antelao. It offers a wide variety of itineraries which are very different from each other due to their difficulty and surrounding environment, but all remaining within the most famous  areas of these mountains.
The characteristic of this book is to describe classic and well known itineraries while offering alternative solutions, unknown descents or real traverses which allow ski mountaineers to appreciate, under a different guise, even the busiest summits. As well as describing trips for those who enjoy classic ski mountaineering and for those who have just started this activity, we have also included many high level itineraries aimed at ski mountaineers with a passion for steep skiing.
In the chapters on the various mountain groups a few two or three day traverses have been summarized describing the most striking areas, drawing attention to this type of ski mountaineering experience to which the Dolomites lends itself admirably. A schematic map has been added to all the itineraries highlighting the total length of the trip, with a table summarizing its technical characteristics and difficulties. Many action-packed photos and images showing the uphill and downhill tracks enrich this publication and provide the reader with extra information.

Enrico Baccanti,  born 1961 comes from Genoa, but has been living in Corvara since 1989 as a professional Mountain Guide full of his initial enthusiasm. He is a member of  Aiut Alpin, the mountain rescue association for the Ladin valleys and at present is also Director of the “Alta Badia Guides” School of Alpinism. His strong link with the Dolomites is based on a continuous study of all the  aspects which make these mountains so fascinating, from nature itself to human and mountaineering experiences.
In this context ski mountaineering is above all a way of climbing mountains during winter and from there his preference for the most unspoilt areas is born, like the parks of Fanes and Puez, which he considers amongst the best of their kind including their traverses. He has written several articles on the Dolomites for the magazines Alp and Alpi Venete, presenting original itineraries and recounting the history of alpinism and skiing.

Francesco Tremolada, born in Padua in 1970, lives in Corvara in Badia where he is a full time professional Mountain Guide, offering modern proposals, with the “Alta Badia Guides” School of Alpinism.
For some time now his activity has been defined by ski mountaineering and off-piste skiing, which has allowed him to develop great experience in winter mountaineering in the Alps, but especially in the Dolomites where he has made many repetitions and first descents of high level, extreme skiing.
His knowledge of these areas combined with his passion for photography has made him a highly regarded  author of guide books also on account of the quality of the images and the originality of the descriptions.
His most recent book, Freeride in Dolomiti , published by Versante Sud, has reached its second edition immediately becoming a point of reference for enthusiasts in this field.
Francesco Tremolada’s personal blog is

To write to the authors and to get to know what they do and their offers, consult the “Alta Badia Guides” School of Alpinism website

Year: 2013
ISBN: 978-88-96634-60-8
Pages: 484
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