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This guidebook, published in 2012, is a detailed review of climbing in western Piedmont, in a new edition (following the first one, published in 2005), updated and enlarged.
The auhtors describe crags and walls which, although being geographically close, feature a wide variety.
This voyage in an essential part of Piedmont climbing will bring you from Val Pellice to Rocca Sbatura, from Susa Valley to Val Chisone

About the Authors

Maurizio Oviglia, born in 1963 in Turin. He lives in Sardinia, and he’s one of the most renowned and esteemed climbers and writers in Europe. He climbs for more than 30 years, and has explored and discovered routes all over the world. He authored several guidebooks and essays, he’s editing a large number of websites. He published with Versante Sud many successful guidebooks: Rock Paradise, Climbing in Corsica, Climbing in Orco Valley. He’s a keen collaborator of the European Climbing Yearbook Up.

Fiorenzo Michelin, born in Villar Pellice in 1948. He lives in Prarostino, near Turin. He’s very fond of climbing and mountaineering, having begun at 17 to climb the normal routes of his hometown mountains. Later, he moved on exploring the whole Alpine range, spotting more than 150 new routes, especially in Val Chisone, Pellice and Po, contributing to the enhancement of the area.

Year: 2011
ISBN: 978-88-96634-12-7
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