61 Itineraries below its 4,000 metre peaks.
Fabrizio Charruaz, Gianfranco Sappa, Sergio Borbey, Daniele Herin


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A choice of 61 mountain biking itineraries at the foot of the most beautiful mountains of the alpine arc will help you discover the hidden corners of this beautiful region: Val d’Aoste. Through woods, pastures and cols, from valley bottoms to the heights of the the mountains, following single track or farm roads, the itineraries offered will satisfy both beginners starting off as well as seasoned mountain bikers looking for a thrill. The guide book finishes off with a description of the tours of Fallère, Mont Blanc and Gran Combin offering the possibility of undertaking a real mountain bike journey around these magnificent 4.000 metre peaks.
All you have to do is jump on to your saddle and set off to discover this extraordinary region and its beautiful paths!

About the Authors

Charruaz Fabrizio, was born in Aosta on the 22nd January, 1975, and from a young age has always had a great passion for mountain biking. In 1997 he becomes a level 1 MTB instructor (Italian cycling federation), in 2001 he gets his regional qualification and becomes a registered member of mountain bike instructors in Val d’Aoste and in 2008 gets his specialization in F.C.I., teaching downhill. He is one of the founders of Val d’Aoste MTB instructors. He has collaborated with various local council administrations setting up mountain biking itineraries and he organizes MTB courses and excursions for children and adults. His passion for freeriding and downhill have brought him to take part in many competitions especially on the French circuit of Maxi and Mega Avalanche.

Sappa Gianfranco was born in Ormea (CN) on the 1st September 1958. From a young age his passion for mountains brings him to climb his first Maritime summits. He becomes a Mountain Guide in 1983 making his passion a true profession which he still carries out full time. With the new millennium he approaches mountain biking and in 2005 becomes a MTB instructor and guide, accompanying his clients up mountains not only on foot but also by bike. He is currently the owner of organizing travels by mountain bike around Mont Blanc, Grand Combin and all around the Val d’Aoste region as well as the Maritime Alps and in Sardinia.

Herin Daniele was born in Aosta in 1969, and becomes a mountain bike instructor in 2003 with the Italian Cycling Federation. He has a passion for sport and with a few friends in 2004 founds the Cervino mountain bike school with the aim of promoting off road cycling around the Matterhorn’s territory. In 2004 he organizes, for the first time in Italy, the Maxi Avalanche, a free ride marathon which is unique in its kind, giving cyclists the opportunity to enjoy a descent which starts off from the 3500 metres of the Plateau Rosa glacier. From then on he studies and collaborates in creating mountain biking routes and itineraries all over the region’s territory.

Borbey Sergio, born in Aosta in 1968, loves sport, especially trail running, cross-country skiing, and cycling. He currently works at the ski resort of Pila as a Pisteur Secouriste (safety and rescue). After becoming a mountain bike instructor with the Italian Cycling Federation, since 2001 he has spent his time sharing his experience in the youth sector. From 2002 he manages the Bike Park of Pila. In 2005 he obtains his professional qualification as a mountain bike instructor.

Year: 2011
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