28 trail running itineraries
Lorenzo Capitani


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28 itineraries between Valsugana and the whole massif of Grappa

The Grappa, as locals tenderly call it, can be all covered on foot, running, coming from the plane, exploring its sides, canyons, valleys and his heights always going up and down. There is plenty of choice and there is also elevation, if this is what you are looking for. Vertical, trail and ultra are all gathered in this massif, you just have to choose the right itinerary.

We have picked 28 itineraries, loop tours and traverses, that might be covered at any speed, to walk along the historical paths like the Alta Via del Tabacco or the one of Eroi, linking Feltre to Bassano del Grappa, engaging on races’ itineraries like the Trail degli Eroi or Sull’Orlo del Corlo, exploring hidden valleys or mountains mentioned in books of history and discovering, whenever you want to breathe or to slow down, amazing places, people and landscapes. On the Grappa you do not only go to run or to train, to just arrive, but to enjoy the history of this mountain at every step.

Although the Grappa is not a difficult mountain, it is never too easy and it always requires a careful and respectful approach, not only because it is a natural environment and as such it must be treated, but mostly because, as anthropomorphized that is can be, it is rough and wild at times, never too frequented, even during summer months and weekends of good weather.
Facing the Venetian plain and limited by the deep valleys of Brenta, Piave and the Belluna valley, which separates it from the Prealps of Belluno and the Cadore, the massif of Grappa is a unique landscape among the mountains of the Alpine region.

Lorenzo Capitani, born in the completely flat province of Milan, starts to practice road running in 2010. After cross-countries, 10k, half and full marathons, he leaves the plain to discover mountain running, fascinated by the spirit of trail. Over the years he explores the Maritime Alps of Piedmont and the French Alps, the paths of Alsace and the Massif Central, the Pyrenees, the Bergamo Alps and the mountains of Lecco. However, on the Grappa his love for trail meets his other passion, History and war histories: an essential combination to explore a region consciously. He loves long traverses in solitary, the sun warming up chill spring dawns and the feeling of subtle uneasiness in the wood at night. He took part in many trail races of all kinds and distances: those that have taught him the most are the Orobie Ultra-Trail, the Livigno Skymarathon and the one at Villaggi di Pietra. On the massif of Grappa and on trails he feels home.

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