LARIO ROCK falesie

Lecco, Como, Valsassina
Eugenio Pesci – Pietro Buzzoni


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LARIO ROCK falesie

Lecco, Como, Valsassina

The geographical area between the cities of Lecco and Como, gathered around the banks of the Lario, has for over a century a continuous and well-known alpine tradition. In particular, the latter has expressed itself over the years, above all in free climbing on rock, finding in the Grigne and also in the Resegone a privileged and landscape-magnificent terrain.

In this sense, since the 30s of ‘900, the epic of the sixth grade, and with the school of Riccardo Cassin and his companions, the Lecchesi rocks have distinguished themselves as one of the cradles of limestone climbing in Italy. Since 1984 the Lecco and Como area has seen a rapid and continuous spread of sport climbing, within an evolution that has not known continuity solutions and is nowadays lively. The great proximity of the Lecco area to the metropolises of the North has favored and still increases a very high attendance of these rocks, which have long been well known even internationally.

The present volume is placed not only as a new edition of the previous one, dating back to 2011, but as the sum of all the information available on the Larian crags, as a reference text for sport climbing in the Lecco area and in the Como area. The volume, written by the same expert authors of the previous edition, describes more than 100 crags, using the most modern publishing and graphic technologies, with support for technical drawings and photographs relating to access and placement of the rock structures, flanked by GPS indications and QR code regarding access to the same and to the car parks. For precise editorial choice, this volume has also been enriched with a high number of action photographs, in the belief that images are a fundamental element in the sporting character of a cliff or climbing route. Numerous historical and technical data sheets illustrate the characters and places that have made the history of sport climbing in the Larian area.

Eugenio Pesci (Milan, 1961), climbs since 1974. He teaches Philosophy in Milan. He has repeated numerous classic and modern routes on the Alps and since 1985 he has dedicated himself above all to the opening and equipment of new modern style streets in the Grigne, Verdon, Val Formazza, Sardinia, and Marmolada. He has contributed to the spread of modern sport climbing in Italy with publications on the main European magazines of the sector, and with various interventions on the main radio and television media. In addition to six technical volumes dedicated to climbing in the Lecco area, some of which with other authors, he published the book Le Grigne, in the series Guide dei Monti d’Italia, Tci-Cai, 1998, and Solitudine sulla est. Ettore Zapparoli and romantic Monte Rosa, Vivalda 1995.

Pietro Buzzoni (Lecco, 1963) is alpinistically grown between the Lecco and Valsassinesi walls. Multifaceted climber has repeated numerous classic and sporting routes throughout the Alps, opening at the same time many new routes (over 50) in the Grigne, Campelli and Orobie. He also discovered and equipped several new crags in the Valsassinese territory (for more than 200 rope shoots). Attracted by the historical events and by the mountaineers of the past, he has repeated and rediscovered forgotten routes and characters in the Lecco area and the Valsassino area (recounted later in his book Pioneering Alpinism between Lecco and Valsassina, Bellavite 2016). He is the author of several mountaineering and historical publications on the main magazines and websites of the sector, has also collaborated with the Lombardy Region as a consultant for the recent redevelopment of the cliffs of Lecco.

Year: 2018
ISBN: 978 88 85475 014
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