Hiking in the Valleys of Primiero, San Martino, Pale di S. Martino, Rolle e Vanoi.
Samuele Scalet


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This hiking guide presents more than 100 circuits in the valleys of Primiero, San Martino, Rolle, Pale di San Martino and Vanoi.
All the trails are carefully described, with technical notes and pictures. Furthermore, each of them comes with a map and the altimetry profile, plus a detailed table summing up the trail features.
The first section is an historical and naturalistic introduction to these valleys and their people; finally, there’s a chapter dedicated to local dialects.
A comprehensive work, which will help to gain a deep knowledge of these wonderful valleys, now reprinted and updated, with a new layout and amendments to the previous press run.

About the Author

The late Samuele Scalet (2010), born in Trento, was an alpinist, member of CAAI. A mathematician, deeply in love with mountain and outdoor activities, including paragliding, he authored both the text and the pictures of this true gem, besides a renowned and valued guidebook about Pale di San Martino.
He walked every single trail described in this guidebook: more than 1200 km, through enchanted valleys, woods, ridges, streams and meadows in the Valleys of Primiero, Rolle, Vanoi, Pale di San Martino, discovering their astonishing beauty.

Year: 2013
ISBN: 978-88-96634-75-2
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