The slackline magazine
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The slackline magazine

The idea of BALANCE The slackline magazine was born during the pandemic, when the authors felt the need for an abstract aggregation tool that could unite this large community despite the limitations imposed by the moment.

Thus the project of Annalisa, Lorenzo and Sirio began to take shape:“We set off like this, in a bit of a hurry, unaware of all the hitches that could have arisen along the way. Three friends with a clear idea in mind, but still little knowledge of the sector”.

After more than a year of work and many problems, the magazine is officially available, with a special 120-page issue of stories from around the world, advice and curiosities.

Inside BALANCE we talk about slackline and art, adventures, social commitment and nerd topics. You will get to know a live community spread all over the world, as well as discover spots, tricks, records and people. There is no shortage of illustrations, comics and photographs!

BALANCE magazine is published in English only.

Year: 2023
ISBN: 978 88 55471 053
Pages: 120
Dimensions: 20,00 × 26,50 cm
Weight: 317g